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6 Reasons Why relationships suck

Everything, right? You voluntarily sign up to deal with someone else's personal life - the good and the bad. That doesn't sound like much fun too me, but people do it all the time. I'm only kidding, relationships aren't all that bad if you actually know what you're getting into before you make the jump. I'm married, and I won't lie, it's hard. But I'm becoming a better husband with each passing day because I realize what I signed up for.
A minor rant about sex

Birds and the bees. Hanky panky. Sideways salsa. Bedroom boogie. Intercourse. Sex.

At any given point, any given place, there are people either having or thinking about sex. Screw baseball, sex is the American pastime! Honestly, our culture is completely fixated on the act of sex and all of its wonders. I firmly believe that God originally intended for it to be an act of love and worship shared by a husband and wife, but we have gotten far, far, far, far away from that idea entirely.
5 Reasons Why You Should Date Smart Women

There are two types of people within the realm of dating: Smart & Dumb. It is honestly that simple. As a man who has his fair share of experience in the dating world, I will tell you that it is imperative to date the right type of women. To most guys, the right type of woman is one that cooks, cleans, does the dishes, and puts on a porn-worthy performance in the bedroom every night. I'll tell you, these things are certainly a nice fantasy but in real life...
Watermelon and crackers. Racism or no?

Watermelon and Crackers. 

What comes to mind when these words are put together? Two delicious snacks or two words that are commonly used as negative references to African Americans and Caucasians? Depending on your family setting, background, and race you more than likely chose the latter description. The current year is 2013 but there are times where I think our society still subscribes to a mentality that promotes prejudice and racism. Everywhere you look - TV, movies, magazines, news stories, etc., there are offensive and stereotype driven images and stories that validate my point.
why you shouldn't plan on getting married

"When a man and a woman fall in love with each other they get married and start a family and live happily-ever-after..."

That is the lie that most of us are told from a fairly early age.  Love stories, television shows, and movies paint a majestic picture of wedding bells and houses with picket fences, but honestly you should stop wasting your time.
games that men play

There is a mentality that plagues the majority of the males that I've encountered. Something in our brains makes us honestly believe that being a "player" is desirable, manly even. When exactly did that become the norm? Sit in a room full of guys long enough and the stat comparison conversation will eventually surface. Every guy making his claim of having the biggest/best "team" of women. In my honest opinion, it's all just for show. We carry ourselves as if we have no desire for real intimacy and affection and present a front that says "All I need is sex". Don't get me wrong, this MIGHT be true for some people but it is nothing more than a falsity for the vast majority.