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The Author

I'm a guy.

And being such, I have experienced my fair share of relationships in these 20 something years I've been on God's great green Earth. I've cheated, been cheated on, questioned my religion, and still somehow managed to find the love of my life (that I don't love).

I have a BA in Environmental design in Architecture and I'm currently pursuing an MBA, but I've found that no amount of formal education can really prepare you to handle life. Life lessons are best learned through experiences - either yours or someone else's.

I started this blog because I have always had a passion for writing but never had a legitimate outlet for many of my ideas. I am very passionate about topics dealing with relationships, religion, marriage, etc. - and I believe that I have things to say that are worth sharing (the Huffington Post thinks so as well). If you came here looking for creative ways of looking at these topics and helpful advice, then that is exactly what you'll find!
- Thanks for Visiting